Bicester Health Routes

Health Walk Langford 2k The blue line represents the 3 circular 5K Health Routes.

The three routes are: North West, East and Langford.Health walk Bicester NE 3k

When you complete the full loop you will have undertaken approx. 7,000 steps – a good way towards the recommended daily exercise! The Health Routes, funded by NHS England, are part of the Bicester Healthy New Town Programme. A key aim of the programme is to increase physical activity amongst residents, providing access to walking routes within your community.

5K feels too far?

Start small and aim to walk 1k. Ten minutes of brisk walking can really help give you a boost. Discover just how easy it can be to adopt and enjoy a healthier lifestyle and happier you.


New signage 002New Signage

The new signage explains how to access the TGO ACTIVATE App. This app helps you track your exercise and allows you to share your activity with friends. The signs are placed every 1km along the health walks.

 HR sign


To find out where each of the routes are, see the interactive map below.






Bicester Health Route Map

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